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Your Floral Guide as a 2024 Bride

Welcome to Our Blog Where Love Blooms and Blossoms!

Hello, beautiful brides and cherished couples!

Welcome to our whimsical corner of the internet, where love takes root and blossoms into enchanting dreams! Today, we're overjoyed to have you join us as we sit down with one of our preferred florists to chat about the latest trends and timeless staples for your upcoming wedding this year. Get ready to immerse yourselves in all things florals as we delve into the magical world of petals, blooms, and botanical wonders!

​1) What sets this year's floral arrangements apart from recent years in terms of style, creativity, and trends?

Jeffrey: As weddings are continuing to evolve, there's a noticeable shift back to classic elegance for 2024. We're waving goodbye to rustic touches like oyster shells, burlap, and pampas grass blooms. Instead, couples are embracing a return to timeless sophistication. Picture beautiful celebrations with attention to detail and luxurious design. It's all about elevating the wedding experience to new levels of elegance and refinement.

This year especially, we're seeing a delightful blend of traditional elegance and modern twists. Floral arrangements are incorporating more unique textures, vibrant color combinations, and unexpected elements. From cascading bouquets to asymmetrical designs, there's a refreshing departure from the conventional, offering clients a chance to truly personalize their floral arrangements.


2) What trends are you seeing for fall 2024?

Jeffrey: My favorite trend has been the stunning combination of an artichoke nestled among a bed of white flowers. Each bloom tells a story of timeless beauty and grace, while the artichoke adds a touch of botanical sophistication with its lush greenery and unique texture. Together, they create a captivating arrangement that enchants the eyes and stirs the soul with its elegance and charm.

3) How can I design a timeless look with my florals without breaking the budget?

Jeffrey: Creating a timeless look with your florals is all about focusing on classic blooms and versatile greenery. Opt for timeless flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, which exude elegance and sophistication. Embrace simplicity in design, choosing quality over quantity, and don't underestimate the impact of strategic placement and focal points. Maybe even focus on a theme, such as the timeless allure of old Hollywood glamour by incorporating long-stemmed calla lilies into your floral arrangements. Opt for a minimalist approach with minimal greenery, allowing the graceful curves and sleek elegance of the calla lilies to take center stage. Channeling the sophistication of Hollywood's golden age, this classic choice exudes understated luxury and refined beauty. Picture cascades of pristine white blooms falling effortlessly, evoking a sense of romance and red-carpet glamour. Whether adorning your bouquet, centerpieces, or venue decor, these long-stemmed beauties promise to add a touch of refinement to your special day.

4) What are the benefits of having a florist versus DIY or fake flowers?

Jeffrey: Working with a professional florist ensures expertise, attention to detail, and access to the freshest and highest quality blooms. Florists possess a wealth of knowledge in floral design, color coordination, and arrangement techniques, allowing them to bring your vision to life seamlessly. Unlike DIY or fake flowers, professionally crafted arrangements offer unmatched beauty, fragrance, and authenticity, elevating the ambiance of any event. Artificial flowers often appear obviously artificial in photographs, lacking the authenticity of real blooms. While I've occasionally utilized them due to advancements in their lifelike appearance, they still fall short in capturing the natural beauty and tactile quality of genuine florals. 

5) What are the best flowers to use if I want to evoke a scent that brings me back to my wedding day standing at the altar?

Jeffrey: To evoke cherished memories of your wedding day, consider incorporating Casablanca lilies. These in my opinion are a delightful choice. It's worth noting that while gardenias boast a lovely fragrance, they tend to wilt and discolor relatively quickly. But- these delicate flowers not only add a romantic aroma but also symbolize purity, love, and happiness, further enhancing the sentimentality of the occasion. Thus making it a special memory each time you smell them after wedding day.

In closing, we hope our insightful interview with our esteemed florist has provided you with valuable guidance and inspiration for your upcoming wedding or special event. From discussing the latest trends to timeless classics, we've explored a plethora of floral possibilities to help you craft a truly unforgettable celebration. Remember, whether you're embracing the return to elegance or seeking to infuse your day with personal touches, the magic of florals has the power to transform any venue into a blooming paradise. As you embark on this floral journey, we encourage you to explore, dream, and let your imagination bloom. With the expertise of our florist and the vision in your heart, your floral arrangements are sure to reflect the beauty and romance of your love story. Cheers to a celebration filled with blooming joy and everlasting memories!

If you are interested in knowing more about Ocala Estate or our preferred florist Stylish Georgian Florist, Jeffrey Woods, please reach out to us via email at or call/text us at 912-417-995. You can also reach out to Jeffrey at or call him at 912-585-7511.

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