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The Full Vision

Grand Pavilion

Our newly built pavilion hosts up to 240 guests for your ceremony or reception. This elegant covered space is a unique offering at our outdoor venue. We encourage both ceremony and receptions in this space. If you're not wanting to host your reception under this space after having your ceremony here, be sure to use a tent on the grounds to host your reception. That way you still have the covered space you desire with plenty of romantic backdrops on the property.

Make your day unforgettable

Amidst the enchanting embrace of South Georgia's lush woodlands, a dream takes shape beneath the open-air covered pavilion—a symphony of love and nature intertwining. The gentle rustle of leaves becomes a melodic backdrop, as towering trees stand as silent witnesses to a union as timeless as their branches. Sunlight, filtered through the side podiums, dances upon the faces of the couple, casting a warm and tender glow. Under this sheltering haven, two souls embark on a journey, their vows carried by the very breeze that rustles the leaves, and their promises echoing through the tranquil expanse. With nature's embrace and the pavilion's grace, a story of love written among the trees unfolds, etching memories as enduring as the Southern woods themselves.

Your Dream Covered Space 

With over 2,800 square feet of pure luxury, this covered space is perfect for any upscale wedding. With unlimited vendor options, Ocala Estate can customize everything about your big day. 

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