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The Full Vision

Front Lawn

 The Estate

The front lawn of our magnificent estate stretches out like a lush, emerald carpet, its expanse capable of holding over three hundred people (300+), ready to witness and celebrate special moments. Then step inside this exquisite estate and be enchanted by a symphony of elegance. Each room is a canvas of intricate design, where luxury and comfort intertwine seamlessly. From the grand foyer to the serene bedrooms, every detail whispers of timeless beauty and refined taste, creating an interior that is simply captivating. As you make way onto this verdant canvas, a sense of grandeur and history envelops you, a feeling that you are standing in a place where time has woven countless tales of love, joy, and togetherness.

Make your day unforgettable

Under the vast expanse of an endless sky, your love story found its perfect stage. The front lawn of the sprawling estate, with its majestic trees and vibrant blossoms, held the promise of a day we would cherish forever. The inside will melt hearts and mold minds as this estate's interior exudes timeless beauty, seamlessly blending elegant design with luxurious comfort, creating a captivating symphony of aesthetics.

As the sun began its ascent, casting a warm and gentle glow across the landscape or in windows, we stand at the heart of the Ocala Estate, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the anticipation of our loved ones. A flowing cocktail hour through the house after participating in the grandeur of the estate's front lawn, capable of holding over three hundred people, now transformed into a haven of love and celebration.

The Romance is in the Open Air

Plenty of opportunity for romance under the open sky when hosting your ceremony or reception on the Front Lawn. No need to worry about rain, use our Grand Pavilion as a second location for your big day. 

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