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Through the Lens: Wedding Photography Insights

At Ocala Estate, we understand the importance of preserving every precious moment of your wedding day through beautiful photography. Your wedding photographs serve as timeless reminders of the love, joy, and cherished moments shared with family and friends. That's why we're thrilled to bring you invaluable insights from none other than luxury wedding photographer, Britt Stepp Photography.

Photo by: Britt Stepp

In this exclusive interview, Britt shares her expertise and answers common questions to help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding. Whether you're seeking advice on photography styles, trends, or the importance of finding a photographer who aligns with your vision, we've got you covered. Here's what Britt had to say:

Q: What emerging styles or techniques are becoming more popular in wedding photography for 2024? Britt: Film-emulating colors are making a significant comeback in 2024, and I absolutely love this trend. There's a timeless quality to film photography that I strive to achieve in my work, with true colors and natural, light-filled photos. By embracing digitally achieved film tones, I aim to create images that stand the test of time and evoke a sense of nostalgia.
Q: How do you stay inspired and continue to evolve as a wedding photographer, and are there any recent trends or developments in the industry that have influenced your work? Britt: Film photography serves as my biggest inspiration, which is why I recently invested in a medium format film camera. There's something magical and effortless about film photography that I'm passionate about bringing to my clients. Being one of the few medium format photographers in the southeast area, I hope to offer couples in Savannah and beyond a unique and enchanting photography experience.
Q: In what ways do you believe your wedding photography contributes to the overall experience and atmosphere of a wedding, and how do you uniquely contribute to a couple's wedding experience outside of photography? Britt: Weddings are deeply sentimental occasions, and my photography focuses on capturing images that serve as cherished keepsakes for couples. Beyond creating exquisite, timeless imagery, I strive to provide unwavering support to my clients throughout their wedding journey. From initial booking to final gallery delivery, I prioritize open communication and ensure my couples feel supported and at ease. On their wedding day, I am a warm, calming presence, dedicated to capturing every moment with care and precision.
Q: How do you recommend couples go through the process of choosing their photographer? Britt: When selecting a photographer, it's essential to consider not only their style but also their values and approach. Whether you prefer a documentary style that captures candid moments or classic portraits with posing direction, find a photographer who aligns with your vision and values. Communication is key, so take the time to connect with potential photographers to ensure a beautiful fit for your special day.

In conclusion, choosing the right photographer for your wedding is a decision that goes beyond simply finding someone with a great portfolio. It's about finding a professional who understands your vision, values, and priorities, and who will be with you every step of the way to capture the magic of your special day. With the expert insights shared by Britt Stepp Photography, we hope you feel empowered to embark on your search for the perfect wedding photographer. Remember to prioritize communication, connection, and compatibility to ensure a seamless and memorable photography experience that will be treasured for years to come. At Ocala, we're committed to helping you create the wedding of your dreams, and we look forward to seeing the beautiful moments captured by your chosen photographer unfold whether on our grounds or anywhere in the world! 

If you're interested more in Britt Stepp Photography or learning more about our venue, please email us at or call us at 912-417-9556. You can find Britt Stepp on all forms of social media such as Instagram: @brittsteppphotography and her website or you can email her at

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