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Unlocking Wedding Wisdom

Unlocking Wedding Wisdom: An Exclusive Interview with one of our Venue Coordinators, Andie Adkins, Emerald and Ivy Events

Welcome, brides-to-be! Today, we're sitting down with Andie, the brilliant mind behind the scenes at our wedding venue and venues alike all across Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah. Let's dive into the latest trends and invaluable insights for planning your dream wedding in 2024.

What are the latest trends you want Brides to know about for 2024?

Andie: 2024 is ushering in some exciting trends with a lot of new and fun things coming into popularity! First off, one of the big things we see not only brides but also photographers getting excited about is shoes! yep-shoes. Wild and funky colors, fabrics, patterns are all gaining popularity as shoes are a huge center piece when taking pictures on wedding day. When you set all of the props up; invitation, rings, decor- you also add in your shoes. Different colors or patterns are making more pictures pop. Different flowers are also becoming a new trend; for example, for the guys, instead of doing a traditional boutinierre they have used the pocket insert flower. The flowers then look like they're coming out of the pocket, which adds extra pizz-azz to pictures! Enormous wedding cakes are going out along with a multitude of other traditional aspects of weddings. People are opting towards smaller more intimate cakes for themselves and other desserts for the guests which has been drawing guests to get to actually try dessert since there's more variety! Speaking on traditional weddings aspects going out, brides and grooms alike are opting for their family members to sit on the opposite sides of the aisle's so their family can see their faces and the emotions of the I Do's- making it a more special and intimate occasion for everyone involved. Then, when it comes to family and close friends, couples are choosing to have mixed genders as their "wedding party"; meaning if the groom has a sister who he wants on his side, she will just stand on his side (or vice versa). This makes the wedding day more inclusive to everyone involved, which in the end makes it more special overall. To end the occasion, let's talk favors. I told all of my couples, if you're going to do a favor, incorporate it into your guest table. Whether it is a pretty candle that matches the theme of your wedding or even incorporating a photobooth into your reception so your guests can take a picture home. Something more sentimental goes alot further than a random gift, and more people will remember to take it with them.

Why is it important to have an actual coordinator that does this full time instead of having just family/friends or no one at all?

Andie: Having a dedicated wedding coordinator is like having a personal wedding assistant. We navigate the intricate details, troubleshoot unexpected hiccups, and ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly. While friends and family mean well, a professional coordinator brings experience, industry connections, and the ability to handle any curveballs that may come your way. This allows you, your friends, and family to fully enjoy the celebration without stress from start to finish. Since we know checklists on what you need and what you're missing, we can provide guidandance needed to move forward with planning and preperation.

How much should you budget out for your wedding in 2024?

Andie: Budgeting is crucial, and it's wise to allocate funds based on your priorities. On average, weddings in 2024 can range from $25,000 to $40,000, depending on factors like guest count, location, and desired elements. A venue that cost roughly 5k, you should budget for anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000. It's important to be realistic and factor in all expenses, including venue, catering, attire, and, of course, the coordinator. A professional coordinator is an investment that pays off in the form of a stress-free, well-executed celebration.

Is it better to hire a wedding coordinator to come in at least 6 months before the wedding or just hire a day-of coordinator to make sure the wedding runs smoothly?

Andie: The earlier, the better! While day-of coordinators ensure the smooth flow of events on the wedding day, hiring a coordinator at least 6 months before provides a comprehensive approach. We assist with vendor selection, timeline creation, and overall coordination, ensuring that every element is aligned with your vision. This allows for a more relaxed planning process and a flawless execution on the big day.

There you have it, brides-to-be! Valuable insights and expert advice straight from the coordinator's desk. Happy planning, and may your wedding day be as magical as you've always dreamed! For any further information on our venue, please email or call us at and 912-417-9556. For information on Andie Adkins, Emerald and Ivy Events please follow her Instagram @emeraldandivyevents or email her at!

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