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The Value of Vendor Choice

OCALA ESTATE BLOG: THE VALUE OF VENDOR CHOICE To assist in your journey of finding the perfect venue for your wedding day it is important for couples to understand one of the fundamental differences among wedding venues. Vendor choice is typically one of the main deciding factors when choosing the right venue. Some wedding venues include a set of vendors in their rental agreements that come along with the use of the venue no matter what. Other venues and event spaces allow their clients to choose their own vendors, given a few stipulations. As we lay out the pros and cons of each option you will start to better understand how your wedding planning will take shape.

The average wedding usually incorporates at least 10 different vendors to support their special day. For some couples that hear this, it may sound overwhelming. But, to others, it may be exciting to finally have the opportunity to design the event of your dreams with no limitations. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting and should fulfill your expectations no matter if that means you are making every decision or someone is assisting you in making these decisions. An all-inclusive wedding venue has its benefits for sure. It takes the burden off of the couple to make some big decisions on their wedding vendors. It can also be a bit easier on the budget when you pay for an all-in-one experience. These venues typically negotiate an exclusive deal with their vendors to pass the savings on to the couple. They are able to craft a package deal that might be a little bit more competitive than those venues that are not all-inclusive. One drawback to an all-inclusive option is the inability to choose certain vendors. If a bride is determined to use a certain caterer or wedding planner, not included in their all-inclusive package, this might not be a good fit for her. Our Ocala Estate brides have shared their excitement for the ease of wedding planning that comes along with the all-inclusive option. Because we offer the ability for upgrades and add-ons, each bride knows they will not be limited in their desires being fulfilled. Some couples are just too busy with their careers and their hectic lives to spend a year or so planning and designing every single detail of a wedding. They know they want to have a unique and personalized event to celebrate their union with their friends and family. However, the thought of identifying each vendor, comparing pricing, and coordinating schedules for meetings and the wedding itself can be daunting. For this reason, an all-inclusive option could be ideal for such a couple. It will simply come down to some taste testing and sharing your aesthetic with the team for them to create a wedding you will love. On the other hand, for that bride and groom who want to have complete creative control over every single detail of their wedding day, finding a venue that offers complete vendor choice may be the better option for their desired experience. In this case, choosing a venue that allows freedom in venue choice will give you the space to customize the wedding of your dreams. Keep in mind that this does come with some risk. Choosing your own vendors without recommendations from a wedding planner or other professionals in the field opens you up to potential disappointment on your big day. But if you navigate it well you will mitigate this risk. At Ocala Estate, we happily supply lists of preferred vendors for each couple that books with us.

These are vendors we know and trust and most likely have worked with in the past. If a couple decides to choose their own vendors, we highly recommend they hire a wedding planner/ coordinator as early in the process as possible. This person or company will come with a list of preferred vendors they have worked with through the years and personally vetted as well. They will also, help guide you through the wedding planning process to ensure your wedding is the event of your dreams. At Ocala Estate we are unique in offering each couple the choice of an all-inclusive package or the standalone venue rental itself. As you can see, the choice is personal for each couple we work with. There are benefits to each option, it is just a matter of choosing the option that best fits your needs. Either way, the team at Ocala Estate is dedicated to assisting you each step of the way of your wedding planning process. Some final thoughts each couple should consider while deciding which option is best for them: We find that either the wedding venue or wedding planner is the first vendor a couple hires. Both of these businesses should be able to offer you their preferred vendor list. We suggest taking it a step further and doing your own research for the vendors on the list. Obtaining additional information and feedback from a previous client could help you nail down your final decision. Be prepared for a little bit of extra leg work when choosing your own vendors. Almost all venues will require each vendor to provide proper documentation before being approved to work on their property. Collecting proof of insurance and business licenses from your vendors is typically not a difficult task, but will add a few items to your to-do list. We also find that about half of our couples come to us with at least one or two of their vendors selected before hiring us as their venue. Their best friend is a wedding photographer, or they absolutely loved the wedding cake at their cousin’s wedding. This helps determine if the all- inclusive is an appropriate option for you. To find out more about our package offerings please inquire through our website at or give us a call at 912-417-9556. We are also popular on social media: Instagram @OcalaEstateGA or Facebook Ocala Estate.

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