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Perks of a MidDay Brunch Wedding

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

We love seeing the innovative ideas our couples at Ocala Estate have implemented into their wedding designs. Having the freedom to create a unique experience that matches their personality and style is one of the many benefits of being an Ocala couple. We recently hosted one of the most exceptional wedding ideas yet, a midday brunch wedding. Through this experience, we learned so many highlights worth considering when planning the wedding of your dreams.

Extra time in your day The traditional evening wedding is very special in many regards, and by far the most popular option among couples. However, you and your guests spend the whole day preparing for the evening festivities. This is a great time to share memories with the ones you love and bond with those around you. However, when hosting a wedding earlier in the day, everyone is able to choose the way they spend their afternoon and evening following the wedding. A midday brunch wedding opens up the afternoon for you to begin your honeymoon early, and for your guests to enjoy the rest of their day as they choose. For an extended honeymoon, you and your fiancé can spend the afternoon relaxing after the festivities and end the night with a romantic dinner that evening. Most guests spend the majority of their day off from work preparing for the wedding they are attending later that day. After your brunch wedding, your guests will come to appreciate the free time they have that afternoon following the celebration. Ocala Estate offers couples the entire weekend rental so you can choose the timeline that works best for you to host the celebration. Not all venues offer a lengthy rental, so a midday wedding ceremony and reception can also provide families with the extra time to clean up and check out of the space before accruing any penalties. An entire afternoon to clean up reduces the pressure on the vendors and family to check out of the venue. Unique Settings and Decor The setting and décor are essential to every wedding and allow each couple to express their personalities and taste. For those couples who are looking for a more relaxed feeling but still want an elegant backdrop, Ocala Estate provides the ideal grounds for an outdoor midday brunch wedding. With multiple backdrops including a covered pavilion and plenty of outdoor space on our front lawn, every couple is able to curate a unique experience for their wedding day and offer that elegant brunch wedding. Parasols, shade trees, coffee bars, and donut stations are several elements you can use in your midday reception. An outdoor venue is an ideal space for this style of wedding and reception as it allows the guests and the couple to enjoy the beautiful weather during the peak time of the day for such an event. Mid to late morning and early afternoon are the perfect hours of the day for outdoor events. Daylight provides excellent natural lighting for photos and a warm inviting atmosphere. At Ocala Estate, we offer a covered space for inclement weather but any couple would be so lucky to be able to enjoy the sprawling grounds while celebrating with their closest family and friends.

Diverse Menu Options Brunch menus can include a variety of foods including breakfast classics and even lunch favorites, accommodating different dietary preferences. Whether offering buffet-style dining or a seated meal, your guests can enjoy a wide range of food items that are reminiscent of a nice Sunday Brunch. With a range of ideas including shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, breakfast pastries and even a yogurt granola bar complete with fresh fruit your meal offering is sure to be a crowd pleaser. When hosting a brunch-style wedding there is less of an expectation to offer alcohol. However, a mimosa bar and/ or a signature brunch cocktail will definitely set the tone for the festivities. A creative way to serve your mimosas is to pour your Champaign over orange juice ice cubes. Bloody Marys and Irish Coffees are some fun options to implement into your bar service as well. Streamlining your alcohol service with a chosen drink or two can help keep the cost down but also give your guests an experience they won’t forget. In summary, it is a unique idea to host a midday celebration for your wedding and it comes with a lot of creative ideas you can implement into this special occasion. With a more laid-back atmosphere, you are able to provide your guests with a comfortable experience they will be talking about for weeks to come. Families with children may also find that midday weddings are more welcoming for all. Because of the earlier timeframe, the ceremony and festivities to follow do not interfere with bedtime. Finding a babysitter won’t be necessary, your guests can celebrate with their children in tow. At Ocala Estate we offer a wide range of settings for your special day and we do not limit the vendor options you can incorporate into your dream wedding. If you are hoping to design the wedding of your dreams that echoes the style of southern sophistication, contact us today!

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