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Make Your Venue Feel Like Your Own Home!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Your wedding venue: How to make the space feel like your own Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. For most people, it will be a multi-day celebration with friends and family sharing memories that will last a lifetime. The wedding venue you choose for this momentous event will be the main stage for your celebration weekend. At Ocala Estate, we go above and beyond to ensure each couple feels like the space is their own. You deserve to feel comfortable and at home on your wedding weekend, here are some tips to help you do just that.

Choose a multi-day rental If you are planning a multi-day celebration including a welcome reception, bridesmaid’s luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and ceremony, make sure your wedding venue can offer access to the property for more than one day. This will lessen the amount of places you have to rent out for the additional events you plan to host the weekend of your wedding. Our couples at Ocala Estate are able to hold the space for a full weekend and have the option to extend their rental if necessary. We encourage each wedding party to fully utilize the space by hosting multiple events on the grounds. Fortunately, we offer a large property with multiple backdrops that are perfect for any type of event you would want to host. In most cases, friends, and family will be traveling from out of town to visit for the wedding weekend. Being able to host other events for them leading up to the actual wedding will add even more value to their travel efforts. Hosting a welcome reception, the day before the main festivities begin helps everyone settle in and shake off their travel stress. It also gives you and your fiancé more quality time with the people who are special in your life. Make sure to designate someone to capture these events on camera since the wedding photographer is typically scheduled only for the day of the ceremony and reception. The bridesmaid’s luncheon is traditionally a reception hosted by the bride as a thank- you to her mother, future mother-in-law, and bridesmaids. It is a time for the ladies to share a final celebratory afternoon tea or brunch before the actual wedding day. The trend lately has been for the bride to host the bridesmaid’s luncheon the day before the wedding. If you are being hosted at a wedding venue like Ocala Estate that allows for a multi-day rental it tends to be convenient for the bride to host the luncheon on site. The key to getting the most out of your rental is to ensure that the property offers enough space to host multiple events without feeling like the same space is being used over and over again. This is the brilliance of the Ocala Estate property. It offers stunning views for either an indoor or outdoor luncheon. Another consideration for your wedding weekend is the rehearsal dinner, typically hosted by the groom’s family the night before the wedding. Having the option to host the rehearsal dinner in the same space as the wedding ceremony will tie in the celebration and give the wedding party the opportunity to practice their ceremony duties in the actual space of the wedding day. Not only does Ocala Estate offer numerous backdrops for the ceremony, but it is also unique in that it offers multiple spaces to host a dinner, or

even a cocktail hour the night of the rehearsal. Lock in your overnight amenities Make sure you choose a venue that offers overnight amenities. If your wedding venue has bedrooms or guest suites on site take advantage of this feature during your wedding weekend. A final hoorah with your closest friends the night before the ceremony is the perfect way to spend your last night as a single lady. Make it fun! Coordinate matching pajamas, bring out the bubbly, bring a fun card game to play, and take lots of pictures! Make sure the amenities are large enough to accommodate all of your wedding party so no one feels cramped in the space. Not only is Ocala Estate beautifully decorated, but it hosts 12-14 people comfortably. For couples who want to savor every moment with their friends who came out to celebrate, staying on site the night of the wedding is a convenient way to keep the party going but have a place to crash nearby. You can still experience your exit with your getaway car, as most couples return to the party to finish out the night. Many of our couples at Ocala Estate have chosen to stay in the bridal suite the night of the wedding. It serves as a perfect retreat-style getaway after a long night of celebrating. Have someone stock the suite with some late-night snacks for you and your honey to enjoy. Arrive early to settle in Take advantage of the check-in time at your venue, check in early, and savor some quiet time before the festivities begin. This will give you the chance to scope out the space without any distractions. Of course, you will want to settle in, unpack, get organized, and clear your head. It also allows you to keep up with your personal daily routine, whatever that may be; grab a coffee, write in your journal, listen to some music, and savor each moment from start to finish. Don’t forget to bring your favorite items from home such as scented candles, your silk pillow covers, favorite slippers, and even your personal toiletries so you can continue your skincare routine throughout the weekend. Adding your personal touch to your surroundings sets the tone for relaxing and feeling more comfortable in this new space. It’s all about the experience At Ocala Estate, we offer personalized add-on experiences through our creative partners for the bridal party and the groomsmen. A morning yoga session on-site with your bridesmaids, or an on-site spa morning with the girls are ways for you to make the most of the weekend and savor every moment. The guys can choose from a golf outing or a morning hunting excursion. These events are ways to spend those final hours with the people who have supported you through this entire wedding experience. Be sure to invite your parents and future in-laws to take part in any of the experiences you choose. It is a unique bonding experience for everyone on such a special day. Imagine waking up with your bridesmaids the day of your wedding and sharing a morning yoga session, grabbing a hot Nespresso fresh from the kitchen, and getting in the chair for your hair and makeup. We like to think of this as a relaxing and dreamy way to begin the most important day of your life. That dream could be a reality at Ocala Estate.

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